Aloe there! My name is Suji, and I’m a plant whisperer & ceramicist based in New York.



When I ran out of unique planters to house my plants, I decided to make my own.

I combine my two greatest passions—plants and pottery—to make happy, functional planters that are designed to showcase the beauty of the plants inside them.

I also make other teeny tiny things out of clay. Through my work, I aim to find joy in the tiny wonders of life, and to share this joy with others.



I’m originally from Southern California and grew up with plants all around me. Even though they surrounded me, I didn’t notice them much, and took them for granted.

After transplanting myself to the concrete jungles of New York, I felt a deep lack of nature and natural life. The city can be cold, hard, and cruel sometimes, and can feel like an uninhabitable place to live—for people and plants alike. 

Yearning to surround myself with life and greenery in the city, I welcomed plants into my home. I started with just two small succulents, and seeing these tiny growers on my windowsill brought me immense happiness. I loved greeting them, nurturing them, and watching them grow. Providing life to a real living thing and seeing it grow was incredibly rewarding and, as I’ve learned, has a multitude of benefits. Over time, I felt myself connecting with my plants and noticing growth in myself. I was more relaxed, breathed easier, and just by noticing the slightest growth in my plants, found ways to appreciate the tiny wonders of everyday life.

In just a few months, I was housing over 130 plants—mostly succulents and cacti, but also other varieties like tropicals, bulbs, annuals, and evergreens. I wanted to branch out and get to know all kinds of plants. 

suji-home-5 (1).jpg


I was constantly running out of homes for my plants, but didn’t love the available selection of planters. Instead of continuing to buy them, I decided to design my own. I started taking pottery lessons at a local pottery studio, and quickly fell in love with clay.

I'll never forget the first time I potted a plant that I grew into a pot that I made. Everything fell perfectly into place. Discovering two life hobbies that acted in perfect harmony brought me to life—it’s one of the most meaningful things that's happened to me. 

After some time on the wheel, I realized the wonders of clay, and just how versatile the medium is. Going back thousands of years, humans have used clay to make tools, homes, and even medicine. There are really no limitations as to what you can make, and I love that I get to use it to make anything I dream up. Beyond that, I personally find pottery to be incredibly therapeutic. Clay is a natural material from the ground, and is formed when rocks erode. It’s literally the earth, but made up of teeny tiny minerals and organic matter. To me, there’s nothing quite like like running my hands and fingers through soft, earthy clay. 

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I do my plant shopping early in the morning and head to the pottery studio in the afternoon. I make each planter with a particular plant in mind, reflecting on the natural beauty of its foliage and making simple, functional shapes to compliment it.

An ode to tiny things.

I’ve always been fascinated by looking at small things and all of the details and personality tiny things can possess. Tiny objects present a lot of information in a small space. If you look closely, they can really pack a punch. Tiny things that have a “BOOM” factor are my favorite! 


My life philosophy is to find joy in the tiny wonders of life. I design and make my ceramic pieces while reflecting on these tiny wonders. My hope is that you’ll bring these pieces into your homes or gift them to others, and that you’ll be able to feel the same joy I find in making them.


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